Shah Meets Civil Society Groups as Centre Announces Rs. 10 Lakh Compensation in Manipur

The central government has initiated a process of compensating the victims of the brutal violence which gripped Manipur from May 3. Following the visit of Home. Minister Amit...

The central government has initiated a process of compensating the victims of the brutal violence which gripped Manipur from May 3. Following the visit of Home. Minister Amit Shah, the Centre today announced that a compensation Rs. 10 lakh will be given to those who died during the violent conflict in Manipur. Besides the monetary compensation, a family member of those killed in the mob violence will be given a job. 

According to PTI news, the compensation will be borne by both the central and the state government. This decision is believed to be a result of the first round of assessment undertaken after the visit of Union Home Minister Shah who landed in Imphal yesterday. 

Over 80 people have died in the violence, with reports of five more deaths in the past 24 hours owing to clashes between various sides. Security forces have been also conducting raids on several places. 

Government officials said that a dedicated telephone would be set up to ensure that people get proper information and rumours are dispelled as it has led to fresh violence. 

Home Minister Shah also prevailed upon the state government to ensure that essential items like LPG gas, vehicular fuel, rice and other food products are made available in large quantities in order to bring down prices.

Shah held a series of meetings with political and civil society leaders from both the Meitei and Kuki communities and visit Churachandpur, the site of some of the worst rioting earlier this month, on Tuesday.

On Tuesday he began consultations with stake-holders which started with a breakfast meeting with a group of women leaders, as part of his initiative to bring lasting peace in the violence-hit state.

The home minister also held a meeting with delegations of civil society organisations as part of his outreach.

“Held a meeting with a group of women leaders (Meira Paibi) in Manipur. Reiterated the significance of the role of women in the society of Manipur. Together, we are committed to ensuring peace and prosperity in the state,” Shah tweeted.

Chief of Defence Staff General Anil Chauhan on Tuesday said challenges in Manipur have not disappeared, but expressed hope that things will settle down in some time while noting the situation in the north-eastern state now is not related to insurgency.

The death toll from clashes since ethnic rioting began on May 3 in Manipur has gone up to 80, according to officials.

Chauhan was in Pune on Tuesday to review the passing out parade of the 144th course of the National Defence Academy (NDA).

The violence, which began on May 3rd, has also resulted in destruction of places of worship, homes, properties and displacement of over 50000 people. MLAs, ministers, pastors, police officers, and even children have not been spared in the attacks, read a press statement issued on Friday.

Tribal groups represented by the Kiki-Hmar-Zomi communities who have the most badly hit by the violence have of late been demanding for complete justice and separation of the administration.  Ten Tribal MLAs have called for a separation from the state and the establishment of a “separate administration” for regions predominantly inhabited by Kuki-Hmar-Zomi tribes, citing “failure of the existing government to protect them from violence perpetrated by majority Meiteis.”

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