Timely intervention from central forces saves lives in Jiribam violence

In a dramatic rescue on June 9, the Assam Rifles, deployed for internal security duties, saved lives in Leisabithol village in Jiribam district. The troops were returning from...

In a dramatic rescue on June 9, the Assam Rifles, deployed for internal security duties, saved lives in Leisabithol village in Jiribam district. The troops were returning from a routine patrol in BoroBekra when they received a distress call from a couple whose house had been set on fire by unknown assailants a few days earlier. Trapped inside with their two children, the family faced imminent danger.

Jiribam, bordering Assam, has been engulfed in mob violence since the discovery of a man’s body on June 6. The unrest has led to the burning of homes and government buildings, creating a dire situation for residents. Reacting quickly to the SOS call, Assam Rifles evacuated the stranded family from their burning home in Leisabithol.

During their return journey, the convoy encountered another tense situation near Uchathol village, where a group of women blocked their path, demanding to know who was being rescued. The Assam Rifles contacted local police, who arrived promptly and managed the situation, ensuring that the evacuees could proceed safely. The family was then transported to Bidyanagar Sports Stadium in Jiribam, where they received necessary relief and support.

The violence in Jiribam has displaced many residents, forcing at least 600 people to seek refuge in Assam’s Cachar district over the past four days. Cachar Superintendent of Police, Numal Mahatta, has been reported by the media as saying that most of these individuals have found shelter with relatives in Lakhipur and surrounding areas. Mahatta assured that despite the lack of formal shelter camps, additional police and commando forces have been deployed along the Assam-Manipur border to maintain law and order.

Lakhipur MLA Kaushik Rai visited the border areas to assess the situation and provided reassurances to the local population according to reports in the media. Rai stated that there has been no spillover of violence into Cachar and that adequate security measures have been put in place for the displaced individuals. He highlighted the community’s diversity and the importance of maintaining peace, announcing a planned peace meeting to address any tensions.

Local sources revealed that both Kuki and Meitei communities from Manipur are among those seeking refuge, supported by their friends and relatives in Cachar. This solidarity has been crucial in providing immediate relief to the displaced families.

The Assam Rifles have been implementing various strategies to restore peace and stability in Manipur, which has been plagued by ethnic clashes between the Meiteis, predominantly in the Imphal Valley, and the Kuki-Zo communities, who are primarily in the hill districts. This ongoing violence, which began in May last year, has resulted in over 220 deaths and displaced more than 50,000 people.

The timely and decisive actions of the Assam Rifles have been vital in protecting the region’s residents and mitigating further harm. Their continued efforts are aimed at ensuring safety and fostering an environment where peace can be restored.

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