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Army responds to misinformation on Officers serving in Manipur: all ranks are inclusive of race, caste, creed, and gender

The Indian Army issued a statement on Thursday addressing alleged misinformation on social media. The statement clarified that all ranks of the Indian Army are race, caste, creed, and gender agnostic, treating everyone fairly and without discrimination. It emphasized that officers and troops are deployed nationwide based on organizational requirements. The statement was released in response to the discrediting of officers from a specific community who were involved in performing internal security tasks in the violence-affected region of Manipur.

It added that a message posted on Twitter and Facebook circulated through messaging apps gave details of Army Officers of a particular community performing internal security duties in Manipur.
Refuting charges made on Facebook and Twitter concerning officers of a particular group executing internal security chores in Manipur, the release stated that the viral message on social media (/topic/social-media) was
undermining the fundamental foundation of trust and ethos of Army personnel.

“Compounded with casting aspersions on their loyalty and integrity towards the nation, the message is aimed at maligning the very foundation of faith & ethos of officers of the Indian Army,” the statement read. The statement posted by the Army mentioned that the very officers being discredited “spent sleepless nights, gone without food and water, rescued thousands and provided refuge to people beyond religion, caste or creed in Manipur”.

“It must also be noted that the numbers depicted in the list represent a minute fraction of the total number of officers posted in all formations and units in Manipur currently,” the statement said. It stated further that the Army’s tweet was an attempt to dispute the “heinous message that had been circulated on social media (/topic/social-media) and that the institution had never allowed regional biases to interfere with its

“The post is an attempt to undermine an institution that is a microcosm of the nation and has never let regional biases interfere in its functioning. The Indian Army strongly refutes this hideous message,” it said. (ANI)

Source: ANI

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