Arunachal govt declares pre-independence schools as ‘Heritage Schools’

Responding to a request made during the Platinum Jubilee celebration of the Government Secondary School, Balek, Chief Minister Pema Khandu has announced a significant move to declare all government schools established before independence as Heritage Schools, marking a commitment to preserve their rich history. Khandu assured that these schools would be equipped with modern infrastructure, facilities, and museums to commemorate their remarkable journey.

Established in 1946 as a Lower Primary school, the Government Secondary School, Balek, is celebrating its Platinum Jubilee, a momentous occasion declared open by the Chief Minister on Wednesday. Khandu, who was enthused by the request to designate the school as a Heritage School, declared, “Not only this school but all pre-Independence government schools in the state will be declared as Heritage Schools with a museum showcasing their rich history.”

In response to another request, Chief Minister Khandu directed the Deputy Director of School Education (DDSE) of East Siang to expedite the process of upgrading the Government Secondary School, Balek, to a higher secondary school. He also emphasized the growth of the education sector, acknowledging that from a mere three to four schools established before Independence, Arunachal Pradesh now boasts more than 3000 government schools across the state.

While highlighting the challenges faced, Khandu emphasized the importance of quality over quantity in education. He stated, “We have focused more on establishing schools after schools without keeping an eye on the quality of education being imparted in these schools,” attributing the proliferation of schools without proper infrastructure and manpower in the state to ‘politics of appeasement.’

Khandu made it clear that his government prioritizes quality education over political appeasement, noting that about 400 government schools with zero attendance have already been shut down, with the process ongoing. He explained, “We don’t need more schools, but we need quality education from the existing schools for which the government is extending all support.”

The Chief Minister further informed that he has given directives to the Education Department for the comprehensive mapping of all government-run schools in the state, ensuring rigorous monitoring of each institution.

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