Assam Rifles rescues 45 visually impaired students and staff amidst clashes in Manipur

Amidst the recent clashes in Manipur during the first week of May, the Assam Rifles demonstrated remarkable courage by rescuing 45 visually impaired students and the supporting staff of Mission Blind School in Kakching.

The heroic acts of the Army and Assam Rifles are now being reported as normalcy gradually returns to the region following the tragic violence that claimed the lives of 70 individuals and left 1,700 houses in ruins.

In one such operation, Assam Rifles rescued 45 visually impaired students and supporting staff of Mission Blind School, Kakching, amidst the clashes in Manipur in the first week of May.

The public relations officer (Defence) in Kohima and Imphal revealed that the Principal of Mission Blind School, K Parenag Kom, had made a request for assistance, prompting the deployment of a security column by the Assam Rifles.

Under their diligent efforts, the stranded visually impaired children and supporting staff were successfully extricated from the perilous situation and safely escorted to the Kakching garrison. There, they were provided with comfort, sustenance, and shelter, ensuring their well-being. Displaying further dedication, the Assam Rifles, in collaboration with the students’ family members, organized the transportation of the children back to their respective homes through dedicated columns on May 13.

“Assam Rifles’ initiative in reuniting these stranded children and staff with their kith & kin was deeply acknowledged by Kom, and their parents. They expressed their gratitude and appreciated the efforts taken by Assam Rifles in these trying times,” the PRO said.

In response to the outbreak of violence in the state, a curfew was implemented on May 3. To prevent the dissemination of panic and false information, the State government also imposed restrictions on the use of the Internet and mobile phones.

According to the most recent updates, the violence in Manipur has resulted in a tragic loss of approximately 71 lives, with over 230 individuals sustaining injuries. Additionally, nearly 1,700 houses have been consumed by fire during the course of these incidents.

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