BJP MP from Manipur expresses concern over India losing territory due to faulty border pillars

BJP member Maharaja Sanajaoba Leishembaw from Manipur has urged the government to take up a diplomatic approach to resolve a border dispute with Myanmar, citing India’s territorial loss due to faulty border pillars.

Leishembaw raised the issue in the Rajya Sabha, saying Chief Minister N. Biren Singh has requested Home Minister Amit Shah to reexamine the contentious boundary issue.

Furthermore, he mentioned that boundary fencing work along the Indo-Myanmar border was stopped due to the shifting of border pillars, leading to India’s territorial loss. He has asked the Government of India to revisit the issue and settle the border dispute with Myanmar, as Manipur has already lost large tracts of land. “The discrepancies are along the new border pillars 64 to 68, 75 to 79, and 88 to 95,” he said.

Source: The Hindu

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