BRO’s 140-foot bridge links Huri-Tapa in Arunachal

The Border Roads Organisation (BRO) has achieved a remarkable construction milestone by building a 140-foot bridge along the Huri-Tapa road in the remote Kurung Kumey district. The project was completed in four days, with the efforts of BRO karmyogis, overcoming various challenges such as inclement weather, incessant rain, snow, hurdles, and difficult terrain. BRO shared this achievement on Twitter, highlighting the dedication and determination of their team.

The newly launched bridge is expected to have a significant impact on connectivity in the remote areas, bridging the gap between villages Huri, Damin, and Ruba. This development is also set to foster socio-economic growth and progress for Huri-Tapa road, extending connectivity up to the Line of Actual Control (LAC).

Beyond its practical benefits, the bridge serves as a powerful symbol of unity, connecting the villages of Huri, Damin, and Ruba. The successful completion of this ambitious project sets a precedent for future infrastructure endeavors, showcasing the power of perseverance and teamwork in nation-building.

According to reports, Project Arunank, focused on developing six-foot tracks to enhance connectivity in the state’s remote areas, began its full-scale work on 11.09.21. The tracks include Huri-Tapa, Tap-Goying, Tapa–Karu, Sarli-Semai, Sarli-Phulle, and Nacho-Bangte, situated in Kurung Kumey and Upper Subansiri districts, which are bordering China.


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