Completion of Jiribam-Imphal Railway Project to Increase Connectivity and Drive Tourism Growth in Manipur

The Indian Railways is making significant efforts to improve connectivity and drive transformation in the Northeastern states through multiple railway line projects. One of these projects, the Jiribam-Imphal railway line, is close to completion and is seen as a key project for the region.

According to the Chief Public Relations Officer of the Northeast Frontier Railway, Sabyasachi De, the project is progressing smoothly and will connect the capital city of Manipur, Imphal, to the rest of India.

The Jiribam-Imphal railway project has achieved 91.78% physical progress, according to the Chief Public Relations Officer of the Northeast Frontier Railway. The project involves the construction of multiple tunnels and bridges, some stretching over 110 km, in challenging terrain. Work on 48 out of the 52 planned tunnels has been completed, and the substructures of seven and the superstructures of five out of the 11 planned major bridges have been completed. Of the 129 planned minor bridges, 110 have also been completed. The project is also set to include the tallest pier railway bridge in the world, standing at 141 meters, which is nearing completion.

The anticipated cost of the complete project is around 14,322 crore rupees and is targeted for completion by December 2023. Upon completion, the project is expected to reduce travel time from the current 10 hours to just 2.5 hours by railway. The project will enhance connectivity for the people of Manipur, support the growth of small-scale industries in the area, and boost tourism in the state. It will also allow for faster delivery of essential commodities and enable local producers to more efficiently export their products outside the state. The Jiribam-Imphal railway project will include 11 railway stations, six of which have already been completed.

Source: ANI

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