Congress MP raises urgent motion in LS to discuss tense border situation with China

Amid escalating tensions at the India-China border, Congress Member of Parliament (MP) Manish Tewari submitted an adjournment motion notice in the Lok Sabha on Friday, seeking a discussion on the pressing border situation with China.

According to a report, in his letter addressed to the Secretary-General of Lok Sabha, Tewari emphasised the urgency of the matter and called for the suspension of the Zero Hour and relevant rules relating to Question Hour and other businesses of the day to facilitate the critical discussion.

The letter stated, “That this House do suspend Zero Hour and relevant rules relating to Question Hour and other businesses of the day to have a discussion on the border situation with China.”

Tewari highlighted reports from Chushul, Eastern Ladakh, where China’s People Liberation Army (PLA) has purportedly set up four tents in a “buffer zone” and is demanding a 15-20 km buffer zone within Indian territory.

“The border situation with China has been extremely tense since clashes broke out with Chinese forces in Eastern Arunachal Pradesh. Despite multiple rounds of talks between India and China, the border dispute continues to persist,” the letter added.

In view of the gravity of the situation, Tewari urged the Government to apprise the House of the current state at the India-China border, the efforts made to mediate and resolve the dispute, and the policies implemented to safeguard India’s territorial integrity against potential Chinese aggression.

Meanwhile, the party floor leaders of the Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance (I.N.D.I.A) have convened a meeting at 10 am today in the office of the Leader of the Opposition in Rajya Sabha, Parliament, to strategisze for the upcoming session.

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