Fresh attack on Kuki villages leaves 3 dead, 2 injured

Escalating violence in border town Moreh: State policeman killed

Fresh violence erupted on Wednesday morning in Moreh town, Tengnoupal district, Manipur, between security forces and Kuki militants. Police reports confirm the tragic death of Wangkhem Somorjit, an IRB personnel linked to the state police commando in Manipur’s Tengnoupal district.

Hailing from Malom in Imphal West district, Somorjit became a casualty as security forces engaged in multiple confrontations with the militants across three different locations in Moreh town that morning.

The militants, identified as suspected Kuki militants, launched a coordinated attack by hurling bombs and firing at a security forces post near SBI Moreh. In response, the security forces retaliated with gunfire. Additionally, RPG shells were fired at a temporary commando post, causing damage to several parked vehicles in the vicinity.

This incident unfolded 48 hours after the arrest of two suspects, Phillip Khongsai and Hemokholal Mate, in connection with the killing of SDPO Ch Anand in October last year. The arrests occurred after a high-speed chase in which the suspects fired at the vehicles of security personnel, leading to their apprehension.

The Manipur government had already imposed a total curfew in Tengnoupal district from 12 am on January 16, citing the “likelihood of breach of peace, disturbance of public tranquility, and grave danger to human lives and property” within the region.

Following the arrests, Moreh-based civil bodies, including Kuki Inpi Tengnoupal, strongly condemned the detentions and demanded the unconditional release of the two suspects within 24 hours. Kuki Inpi Tengnoupal also issued a stern warning of serious repercussions if the demands were not met. The situation remains tense as security forces grapple with the escalating violence in the border town.

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