Arunachal gears up for border road connectivity with Rs 625.61 cr funding

Frontier Highway: Arunachal’s border connectivity secures ₹6,621.62 Cr funding

In a much-needed move towards bolstering connectivity and fortifying strategic infrastructure, Union Minister Nitin Gadkari has announced a significant allocation of ₹6,621.62 crore for the construction of the Frontier Highway in Arunachal Pradesh. This ambitious project, spanning 265.49 kilometers, is poised to transform the landscape of the region and catapult it into a new era of development.

According to the minister, funding has been set up for the building of eight packages on National Highway 913, which will use the EPC mode to convert to an intermediate lane design. These packages encompass crucial sections such as Huri-Taliha, Bile-Migging, Kharsang-Miao-Gandhigram-Vijaynagar, Bomdila-Nafra-Lada, each playing a significant role in enhancing connectivity to border areas.

By enabling reverse movement towards border regions, it will facilitate socio-economic growth and unleash the potential of Arunachal Pradesh, hence reducing migration. Furthermore, the state will advance toward sustainable development as key road infrastructure connecting major river basins is ready to spur the expansion of hydroelectric projects.

“Additionally, these stretches play a vital role in establishing essential road infrastructure connecting significant river basins, thereby enabling the development of numerous hydropower projects within the state,” Gadkari stated.

The ministry claims that the purpose of the greenfield road is to connect sparsely populated and undeveloped areas of Upper Arunachal. This makes the road ideal for tourism, and it anticipates a significant rise in traffic in the future due to increased tourism-related activities.

In a tweet, Chief Minister Pema Khandu expressed his appreciation for the monumental step towards enhanced connectivity in Arunachal Pradesh’s border areas under the visionary leadership of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. As construction commences, it suggests a bright future as the state emerges a model for development in India’s northeastern frontier.



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