India and Nepal border forces convene three-day meeting to address mutual concerns

The border guarding forces of India and Nepal have initiated their seventh annual coordination talks, setting the stage for a three-day meeting in Delhi. The discussions, aimed at addressing mutual concerns, commenced on Monday, with India’s Sashastra Seema Bal (SSB) Director General Rashmi Shukla and Nepal’s visiting Inspector General of the Armed Police Force (APF), Raju Aryal, at the helm of their respective delegations.

This important bilateral meeting, scheduled from November 6 to 8, seeks to enhance cooperation between the two nations in managing the 1,751 km-long open and unfenced India-Nepal border. The primary focus of the talks is to establish efficient mechanisms for jointly combating trans-border crimes and facilitating the rapid exchange of critical information between the SSB and APF.

An official statement underscores the significance of these leadership-level discussions between the border forces. They provide a vital platform for the Sashastra Seema Bal (SSB) and the Armed Police Force (APF) to engage in a constructive dialogue on matters related to border security.

The SSB, operating under the Union Home Ministry, is responsible for safeguarding the international border between India and Nepal. These annual coordination talks have alternated between the two countries since 2012 with the most recent coordination meeting which took place in Kathmandu in September 2022.


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