India Emphasises Importance of Peace along LAC for Development of Bilateral Relationship with China

The spokesperson for India’s Ministry of External Affairs stated that maintaining peace and calm along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) is crucial for the overall development of India’s relationship with China. These comments were made in response to the Chinese Foreign Minister’s statements indicating a willingness to de-escalate the current border tensions along the LAC.

Bagchi stressed India’s long-held belief that maintaining peace and calm in border areas is necessary for the growth of the bilateral relationship. He also underlined the importance of adhering to bilateral agreements and avoiding any attempts to unilaterally alter the current boundary status quo

In a recent article, the incoming Chinese Foreign Minister stated that both India and China are willing to work towards easing tensions and preserving peace along their shared border. India and China have been in a border dispute in eastern Ladakh for over two and a half years, and tensions have been further strained following a deadly clash in the Galwan Valley in June 2020.

The spokesperson for India’s Ministry of External Affairs highlighted India’s longstanding position that the relationship cannot be normalized until peace is established in the border region. When asked about reports of China’s alleged construction in disputed areas, the spokesperson expressed confidence in India’s armed forces to defend their territory. He said discussions were underway between India and China through military and diplomatic channels.

These are the mechanisms through which our concerns about Chinese activities are conveyed, he said. Bagchi said both sides are also focusing on getting back to a degree of normalcy and de-escalation and disengagement at the border.

Source: The Economic Times

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