Indian Army, IAF Conduct Multi-Domain Exercise Near LAC in Northeast

As per recent reports, sources in the defence department have disclosed that the Indian Army and Indian Air Force (IAF) carried out a joint air-land exercise in the northeast region close to the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in mid-March in an undisclosed location.

The joint exercise between the Indian Army and IAF took place as part of the efforts to establish tactical-level coordination between the defence forces, which is a preliminary step towards establishing integrated theatre commands.

Sources said the exercise — Vayu Prahar — was held in the eastern theatre to validate joint plans and prosecute synergised multi-domain operations. The exercise aimed to synchronise military activities across various spectrums to achieve converging effects.

It was further revealed that the exercise focused on rapidly mobilizing a designated rapid reaction force from the mainland to perform air-landed operations in a designated advanced landing ground (ALG) near the LAC. An air-landed operation refers to the swift encirclement of enemy forces through the airborne insertion of troops.

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