Indian Embassy in Kathmandu claims Amritpal Singh hiding in Nepal: Report

The Indian Embassy in Kathmandu has claimed that absconding pro-Khalistan radical Sikh preacher Amritpal Singh is currently hiding in Nepal and requested the Himalayan nation’s government agencies to arrest him if he tries to flee.

The Mission made the claim in a letter to the Department of Consular Services under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on March 25.

“The esteemed Ministry is requested to inform the Department of Immigration not to permit Amritpal Singh to travel through Nepal for any third country and arrest him if he attempts to escape from Nepal using an Indian passport or any other fake passport under intimation to this mission,” reads a copy of the letter obtained by The Kathmandu Post.

The letter and Singh’s personal details have been circulated to all the concerned agencies from hotels to airlines, multiple sources told The Kathmandu Post. Singh is said to be possessing multiple passports with different identities.

The development comes amid a massive crackdown on Amritpal Singh and his associates in Punjab.

Source: IDRW

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