Journalists’ Union hosts lecture on “China’s shadow in Myanmar and northeast India conflict”

As part of the year-long Golden Jubilee Celebration of the All Manipur Working Journalists’ Union (AMWJU), the Manipur Press Club in Imphal hosted a captivating lecture by distinguished journalist Bertil Lintner on Wednesday. The event, titled “China’s Shadow in Myanmar and Northeast India Conflict,” drew attention to the intricate connections between China’s strategic interests, the conflict in Myanmar, and its implications for Northeast India.

Organized by the AMWJU, the inaugural session featured Manipur University vice-chancellor Professor N Lokendra, who underscored the historical transformation of Manipur from the colonial period. Professor Lokendra highlighted the influence of colonial policies on Manipur’s social structure and attributed contemporary issues in Manipur and neighboring regions to historical roots, including post-World War II global imperialist agendas.

During the lecture, Lintner delved into the historical backgrounds, geopolitical factors, and economic motivations driving China’s involvement in the region. He emphasized the need for a nuanced approach to address emerging security concerns, indirectly addressing the present crisis in Manipur by considering the proximity of Chinese involvement across the border.

Introducing Lintner, Bijoy Kakchingtabam highlighted the ongoing conflict in Manipur and stressed the importance of understanding the dimensions of the conflict in Myanmar amidst Manipur’s challenges. Lintner’s presence, globally recognized for his insightful analyses on Southeast Asian affairs, enriched the discourse on the Myanmar conflict, providing attendees with valuable insights into regional geopolitics.

The lecture program attracted a diverse audience, including professors, lecturers, students, advocates, and social activists, underscoring the significance of the topic in the region’s discourse.

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