Junta Troops Destroy Two Resistance Bases In Sagaing’s Salingyi Township

On Tuesday, soldiers from the regime attacked and burned down two camps run by local resistance forces in Salingyi Township, located in the southern part of Sagaing Region, a member of one of the targeted groups reported.

The two targeted groups were the Myanmar Revolution Army (MRA) and the Thaman Kyar Guerrilla Force, both of which were located close to the border with Yinmabin Township. The first attack took place at around 11am, when the junta troops arrived at the MRA base and fired upon the group for about five minutes.

The soldiers then entered the base, burned everything down, and drank water from the group’s pots. Later that day, a larger group of about 80 junta soldiers raided the Thaman Kyar Guerrilla Force base. No resistance forces were taken captive during the raids and there was speculation that some junta soldiers may have been injured as both bases were booby-trapped. One body, which was badly burned, was found at the MRA base after the soldiers left.

The MRA spokesperson reported that they lost valuable military equipment, weapons, and ammunition worth over 20 million kyat ($9,500) in the raid on their camp. He stated that the group now requires financial assistance to create more handmade mortars and weapons.

According to him, the group cannot return to their village as the junta soldiers would burn it down if they did so. Hence, they need to rebuild their base and purchase more gunpowder. The spokesperson expressed that they would fight back with whatever they have, even if it’s just a needle. Myanmar Now was not able to independently verify the information received about the destruction of the resistance camps.

Source: Myanmar Now

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