Indo-myanmar friendship gate

Manipur CM Biren Singh Announces Establishment of 34 Police Outposts Along Indo-Myanmar Border

On Friday, Manipur Chief Minister N Biren Singh stated that the state government, with the endorsement of the Ministry of Home Affairs, will establish 34 police outposts along the Indo-Myanmar border to prevent infiltration from across the border.

The Chief Minister made the announcement in response to questions raised by Opposition MLA K Ranjit Singh during the ongoing budget session of the Manipur legislative assembly. Myanmar shares a 398-km border with Manipur, and most of this boundary is currently unguarded.

Singh also shared with the assembly that since January 1, 2012, 393 individuals from Myanmar have been detained by the state authorities. Among them, one person was deported, 107 were in judicial custody, 105 were held in a detention centre, and 180 were released on bail.

He also highlighted several measures taken by the state government to control infiltration, such as biometric surveillance, Aadhaar verification through house-to-house visits, and heightened security alertness. The porous border has made Manipur vulnerable to the activities of smugglers who use the state as a transit point for trafficking drugs, humans, arms, and other contraband.

Source: The Indian Express

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