Kuki leaders in Kangpokpi

Minister of State meets Kuki leaders in Kangpokpi

In a significant development, the Minister of State (MHA) from the Ministry of Home Affairs, Nityanand Rai, accompanied by the BJP National Spokesperson, made an official visit to the strife-torn region of Manipur, on Friday. Their primary objective was to address the escalating situation and engage with various civil society organizations and the Committee on Tribals Unity (Kuki leaders) Sadar Hills in Kangpokpi District.

The meeting, which lasted for approximately two hours, took place at the 22 Assam Rifles Kangpokpi post, following a change in the initial venue from the DC office.

During the crucial meeting, K. Sitlhou, the Spokesperson of the Committee on Tribals Unity, Sadar Hills, presented a detailed and compelling account of the sequence of violence, alleged atrocities, and crimes perpetrated against innocent tribal Kukis. The leaders paid close attention to Sitlhou’s presentation, which included supporting evidence in the form of documents and videos, shedding light on the gravity of the situation.

In response, Minister of State (MHA), Nityanand Rai, assured the gathering that the central government stands for the welfare of all its citizens and that justice will be served.

Acknowledging the devastating consequences of the violence, which resulted in loss of lives, destruction of properties, and displacement of entire villages, Rai emphasised the significance of peace for achieving progress. He expressed gratitude to the tribal Kuki community for their unwavering support to the BJP and reiterated the government’s determination to deliver justice.

Supporting Rai’s statements, BJP National Spokesperson Sambit Patra highlighted Home Minister Amit Shah’s firm declaration that those responsible for the violence in Manipur would face consequences and not escape punishment. Patra further announced that Home Minister Amit Shah himself would embark on a three-day visit to Manipur to address the concerns and grievances of the people directly.

In an effort to instill trust, Patra urged the attendees to place their faith in the constitution and the Home Minister, assuring them that the government operates impartially and strives for justice and peace. Notably, Kuki women leaders also raised their concerns about the atrocities inflicted upon Kuki women, urging prompt solutions to their problems.

Meanwhile, the Committee on Tribals Unity Sadar Hills (COTU) successfully concluded a sit-in protest in Leikop village, Kangpokpi district. Hundreds of internally displaced individuals participated in the protest, demanding the central government’s intervention to resolve the issues faced by the Kuki community. The COTU spokesperson expressed satisfaction with the productive discussions held with the central leaders and expressed hope for a swift resolution to their problems.

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