Police nabs Bangladeshi nationals near India-Bangladesh border

Authorities at the Sabroom Police Station effectively acted on undisclosed information regarding the presence of a group of Bangladeshi nationals near a small tea garden area situated close to the India-Bangladesh border, on Wednesday.

Reports suggest sub-inspector Dhruba Majumdar, leading an undercover police team, swiftly initiated a covert mission aimed at apprehending the suspected individuals. Relying on their instincts to avoid detection, the suspects attempted to elude the approaching officers, resulting in a gripping pursuit that unfolded within the expanse of the tea garden. After a rigorous chase, the law enforcement team successfully apprehended six Bangladeshi youths.

The individuals, identified as residents of Chittagong, Bangladesh, were swiftly transported to the Sabroom police station for further interrogation.

Authorities have confirmed that the ongoing investigation is focused on unveiling the motives behind the border crossing of these individuals and their subsequent entry into India.


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