Situation Along LAC With China Stable But Unpredictable: Army Chief Gen Manoj Pande

The Indian Army Chief, General Manoj Pande, stated that the situation along the northern border with China is stable and under control but remains unpredictable. During an annual Army Day press conference, he mentioned that five out of the seven issues between the two armed forces have been resolved.

He emphasized the importance of remaining alert, as the ceasefire on the Pakistan border has held well, but the neighbour’s support to terrorist infrastructure and groups persists. “The ceasefire is holding well on the Pakistan border but the support to terror infrastructure and terror groups still remains. There is a marked reduction in the parameters of violence. Hence. we have to remain alert,” he said.

During his speech, the Army Chief stated that peace has been restored in most of the northeastern states. He also mentioned that on the occasion of Army Day, marked on January 15th every year, the army is fully aligned with the future national vision and is undergoing a transformation. He also added that a proposal for commissioning women officers into the Indian Army’s Corps of Artillery has been sent to the government for approval. Additionally, the Indian Army has introduced the Army Martial Arts Routine to help deal with combat situations, which is a combination of various martial arts techniques.

“This Army Day is special as it is also the 75th year of India’s Independence. We are also fully aligned with the future national vision. We have decided to undertake a transformation,” he said.

“We also have the Army Martial Arts Routine which will help in dealing with combat situations. It is an amalgamation of different martial arts in the country,” he added.

The Army Chief went on to say that they have been able to effectively counteract attempts to alter the status quo on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) without naming China. He stated that the army has been able to prevent any moves by the adversary to change the status quo on the LAC in a firm and resolute manner, with soldiers deployed along the border.

Source: ANI

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