Smuggling Attempt Foiled by BSF in Meghalaya, Huge Quantity of Cosmetics and Clothing Items recovered on International Border

On December 22, 2022, the Border Security Force (BSF) in Meghalaya thwarted an attempt to smuggle cosmetics and clothing worth INR 21 lakhs (approximately USD 28,500) into Bangladesh. The smugglers were caught near the international boundary and fled when confronted by BSF troops, leaving behind their cargo. The seized items were turned over to the customs office in Pynursla for further investigation and legal action.

In a similar incident, on December 18, 2022, the BSF in Meghalaya seized a large quantity of cosmetics and clothing worth approximately INR 3.8 million (about USD 52,000) in the East Khasi Hills region while foiling an attempt by smugglers to bring the items into Bangladesh.

In 2022, BSF Meghalaya has seized a total of INR 3.30 crore (approximately USD 446,000) worth of cosmetics and clothing due to increased vigilance by BSF troops.

Source: Meghalaya Frontier BSF

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