Yangon’s Mingaladon Air Force Base attacked

On Thursday night, the Yangon Urban Guerrilla Force, a group that identifies itself as such, carried out an artillery attack on the Air Force Base situated in Mingaladon Township of Yangon. According to the Myanmar Pressphoto Agency (MPA), the locals reported the initial blast at 9 p.m. on April 6.

A series of explosions and gunfire followed, causing damage to Air Force base offices and aircraft fuel tanks. 

“The airport inside the base was shelled. My house shook. I saw fire along the runway after the explosions. I heard over 50 rounds of gunfire. There was a [power outage] at that time here, so I saw it vividly,” a local recounted. Residents from Mingaladon, North Dagon, South Okkalapa and North Okkalapa townships reported hearing and seeing the same.

Following the attack, forces loyal to the regime arrived at Mingaladon Air Force Base from Hmawbi, Htauk Kyant, and Taikkyi townships. The Burma Army took measures to secure the area by blocking all exits from the base and roads in North Okkalapa and Mingaladon townships, and setting up a security checkpoint to inspect vehicles. Daily airstrikes are carried out by the regime’s forces on areas of Burma that have been liberated by Ethnic Resistance Organizations (EROs) and are under the command of the National Unity Government (NUG) People’s Defense Forces (PDF). On November 21, 2021, an attack on Mingaladon Air Force Base resulted in the death of seven staff members and injuries to seven others.

Source: DVB

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