5th-Century Buddhist stupa restored after 2015 Nepal earthquake with Indian support

A Buddhist stupa dating back to the 5th century, which suffered severe damage during the devastating 2015 Nepal earthquake, has been officially inaugurated near its original location with reconstruction effort made possible with assistance from India.

According to sources, the new structure of the Shree Napichandra Mahavihar, located in Lalitpur district, approximately 7 kilometers east of Kathmandu, was inaugurated in a joint ceremony led by Naveen Srivastava, the Indian Ambassador to Nepal, and Chiri Babu Maharjan, the Mayor of Lalitpur Metropolitan City. The reconstruction project was completed at an approximate cost of NPR 3.84 crore (around INR 2.40 crore) through India’s post-earthquake reconstruction grant in Nepal’s cultural heritage sector.

The 2015 Nepal earthquake, which tragically claimed the lives of nearly 9,000 people and left over 21,000 injured, caused extensive damage to this ancient Buddhist stupa. The reconstruction work was carried out under the technical guidance of the Indian National Trust for Art and Culture Heritage (INTACH).

During the inauguration ceremony, Ambassador Srivastava emphasized the enduring cooperation between India and Nepal across various domains. He underscored the shared cultural heritage and historical ties that bind the two nations, emphasizing the importance of preserving this heritage for future generations.

Ambassador Srivastava also noted India’s consistent commitment to collaborating with Nepal on cultural heritage restoration projects, emphasizing the deep cultural connections that strengthen their friendly relations.

Mayor Maharjan expressed his gratitude to India for its valuable initiatives in heritage conservation within his district and across Nepal. In addition to the Shree Napichandra Mahavihar, India has extended its support to reconstruct several other heritage sites in Lalitpur that were adversely affected by the 2015 earthquake.


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