81 Undocumented War Refugees Held in Manipur

In a significant development along the India-Myanmar border, the government’s military inspection team found as many as 81 undocumented war refugees who had entered Myanmar illegally. The Chief Minister of Manipur has stated that anyone seeking refuge in India must inform the government.

Tamu Township and Tengnoupal District near the India-Myanmar border have seen tensions rise due to a territorial dispute between two villages, H. Lhangcham in Moray Township and New New Salbung.

In response to the situation, the District Magistrate declared emergency under CrPC 144 and conducted an inspection on January 27. During the inspection, the government’s military team found many undocumented war refugees who had entered Myanmar illegally.

According to Imphal Free Press, 71 elderly individuals, including 2 in their 70s, and 10 minors were arrested for illegal entry into the territory. A case has been opened against them at the Morei police station.

The Tengnoupal SP informed the Secretary of Home in the government of Manipur that the arrested will be presented in court. The Secretary ordered the activation of a Foreigner Detention Centre in the Sajiwa prison complex and directed that vehicles be provided to transport the Myanmar nationals there once the court allows it. The Secretary also declared the detention center to be in effect immediately for the detention of illegal immigrants.

Currently, there is no contact with those who were arrested and taken to prison. Local residents of Tamu have asked the National Unity Government for help in securing their release, with the situation still being investigated.

Source: IFP

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