Assam boosts healthcare with Rs 120 Cr; 16 projects launched

Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya inaugurated 16 health-related projects and laid the foundation stone for these initiatives in the state on Sunday. These projects, with a collective value of approximately Rs 120 crores, are expected to improve the accessibility and affordability of healthcare for all residents in the state.

The newly launched endeavors encompass a 50-bed critical care block at Lakhimpur Medical College, the establishment of five block primary health units in various regions, the introduction of an integrated laboratory in Nagaon, and the inauguration of a community health center in Dibrugarh. Additionally, foundation stones were laid for four sub-division hospitals and four more community health centers, promising a comprehensive enhancement of healthcare facilities in the state.

During the inauguration ceremony, Mandaviya emphasised the intrinsic link between the health of a nation’s citizens and its overall progress. He articulated, “Healthcare is a fundamental component of a nation’s development, and a country can only be considered healthy when its citizens enjoy good health.”

The Union Health Minister expressed his satisfaction with the state’s healthcare development and hinted at a significant upcoming project, alluding to the foundation being laid in the near future.

Prior to these inaugurations, Union Health Minister Mandaviya, during the final day of his two-day visit to Meghalaya, visited Ri-Bhoi, where he engaged with ASHA workers and beneficiaries of various health schemes. Mandaviya chaired a review meeting focused on the aspirational program, an initiative aiming to rapidly and effectively transform underdeveloped districts across the country.


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