Assam Rifles spearheads national integration tour to Amritsar for Mizoram orphans

The Assam Rifles recently organised a National Integration Tour to Amritsar, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of Mizoram’s children. The initiative aimed not only to offer these young souls a respite from their daily routines but also to foster a sense of national unity and cultural exposure.

Thirteen children from an orphanage, four college students representing the Mizo Student Union (MSU), and three staff members, accompanied by Assam Rifles personnel, embarked on their journey from the Assam Rifles Sect HQ at Aizawl on November 20, reaching Amritsar on the 23rd.

Set against the backdrop of the Golden Temple, the children were treated to a journey filled with joy, learning, and camaraderie. The planned tour, orchestrated by the Assam Rifles, included visits to historical sites, educational excursions, and cultural interactions, leaving a lasting impact on the young participants.

The Golden Temple, a spiritual haven for Sikhs, served as a source of inspiration for the visitors from Mizoram. The children learned about the rich cultural tapestry of Amritsar while the Assam Rifles personnel ensured the safety of the children and actively participated in their exploration of the city.

Assam Rifles spearheads national integration tour to Amritsar for Mizoram orphans

Educational excursions seamlessly integrated into the itinerary provided the children with an opportunity to expand their knowledge beyond textbooks. Visits to museums and historical monuments became immersive learning experiences, allowing the children to connect with India’s diverse history and heritage.

The Assam Rifles facilitated interactions between the children and the community within Khasa Cantonment in Amritsar. The children were treated to an unforgettable experience during their visit, including a ride on battle tanks and a static helicopter display. Climbing aboard the tanks, the children experienced exhilaration as the massive machines rumbled to life, offering a unique perspective on the military’s capabilities.

Assam Rifles spearheads national integration tour to Amritsar

The Indian Army extended a warm and hospitable welcome to the children, going beyond providing safe and comfortable accommodation.

The impact of such initiatives goes beyond the trip’s duration as the children were provided with the chance to engage closely with the armed forces, fostering motivation for considering a future career in the military. The orphanage authorities conveyed deep appreciation and lauded Assam Rifles for its praiseworthy initiative.


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