Border village Taksing benefits from infra projects, boosting India’s Vibrant Village Programme

In a display of commitment to community development, the 4th Battalion of The Garhwal Rifles presented a number of innovative infrastructure projects costing Rs 1.6 crore in the isolated village of Taksing in Arunachal Pradesh. This project, which is part of Operation Sadbhavana, has provided cutting-edge sports and medical facilities to a region that did not previously have access to them.

Surrounded by traditional hiking trails between Gelensiniak and Taksing, along the southern bank of the Subansiri River, this region has long been a hub of activity. The southern bank of the Subansiri River is home to over a dozen villages within the Taksing Circle, forming a densely populated area.

The Indian Border Roads Organization (BRO) played a crucial role in connecting Gelendzhniak and Taksing by constructing a road between 2009 and 2018. This development has not only improved connectivity but also laid the groundwork for further advancements in the region.

The project cover a variety of necessary facilities including an indoor gym, a covered badminton court, a futsal court, and a volleyball court. Taken together, they make up a contemporary sports complex. In addition, the Primary Health Centre that was previously in place has been completely renovated into a state-of-the-art six-bed facility that includes a labour room and cutting-edge medical technology to meet the immediate healthcare needs of the community, especially women.

The construction project was faced with significant challenges in the difficult border region due to poor connectivity and severe weather, which included torrential rain and snowfall. The battalion, however, met these difficulties head-on and managed to complete these crucial projects on schedule by demonstrating steadfast resolve and skill. The community responded to the opening of these amenities with great enthusiasm.

The women displayed their skills on the Futsal Court, while the men played competitive volleyball. Large crowds of people from Taksing and surrounding villages flocked to the renovated Primary Health Center, indicating its immediate impact on healthcare accessibility.

According to a release, an Army medical officer will be stationed in the Primary Health Centre at least twice a week to assure the continuity of medical services, demonstrating the commitment to the community’s health.

These programs, which range from modern sports facilities to improved medical facilities, highlight the efforts of the Indian Army to recognise infrastructure development in the border areas, which not only benefits Taksing but also plays a significant role in securing our land borders with China. Additionally, the projects directly support India’s flagship Vibrant Village programme (VVP), which seeks to build village infrastructure and other amenities that win the trust of the local population in the strategically significant Taksing region in order to generate opportunities for livelihood generation.

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