Former Army Chief General raises concerns over foreign involvement in Manipur violence

In an interaction at the India International Centre on ‘National Security Perspective,’ General (retd) MM Naravane expressed his apprehensions about foreign agencies’ involvement in the ongoing violence in Manipur. He specifically pointed out the concerning “Chinese aid to various insurgent groups,” which, according to him, cannot be ruled out.

According to a report, General Naravane stressed the significance of stability in border states for ensuring the country’s overall national security. He stated, “Instability in border states is bad for the country’s overall national security.”

General Naravane acknowledged the long-standing issue of drug smuggling in the region. He commented, “We are just a little remote from the Golden Triangle (the area where the borders of Thailand, Myanmar, and Laos meet). Myanmar is always in a state of disarray and military rule. Even at the best of times in Myanmar, the government only had control over the central Myanmar, not really on the peripheral bordering state whether with India or with China or with Thailand. So drug trafficking has always been there.”

The former chief of the army staff also emphasised that Chinese aid to these insurgent groups has been ongoing for years and is likely to continue in the present scenario.

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