India, Bangladesh successfully conclude 11th bilateral military exercise in Meghalaya

The eleventh edition of the bilateral military exercise, SAMPRITI-XI, conducted between India and Bangladesh, officially concluded on Monday. The exercise, which commenced on October 3 at the Joint Training Node in Umroi, achieved its primary objective of enhancing interoperability and facilitating a deeper understanding of joint task force operations in subconventional scenarios under Chapter VII of the UN Mandate (UNPKO).

The closing ceremony of Exercise SAMPRITI-XI took place on October 16 at the Joint Training Node in Umroi. It marked the culmination of an intensive period of joint military training between the Indian and Bangladesh armies.

The exercise saw the participation of 340 soldiers, with 170 soldiers each from the Bangladesh Army’s 52nd Infantry Brigade and the Indian Army’s 15th Battalion, which belongs to the Rajput Regiment of the 66 Mountain Brigade. These troops shared their diverse experiences acquired from previous operations conducted across the globe, contributing to a rich exchange of military knowledge.

Exercise SAMPRITI-XI was structured in two phases. The first phase featured a command post exercise, while the second phase encompassed a validation exercise and field training exercises, including battle inoculation. During the validation exercise, both contingents collaborated in various operations, including cordon and search exercises, room interventions, and coordinated air efforts. Additionally, the exercise incorporated the active use and display of cutting-edge weaponry and equipment by both armies.

The Indo-Bangladesh joint exercise is an annual event, alternating between the two nations on a reciprocal basis and is conducted under the name SAMPRITI. This tradition began in 2009 when the first Exercise SAMPRITI was held in Jorhat, India. Since then, a total of ten joint exercises have been conducted until 2022.

A closing ceremony was organized, where outstanding soldiers who exhibited exemplary performance during the exercise were felicitated. The soldiers from both armies also engaged in friendly activities, including a volleyball match and a campfire on the final day, fostering camaraderie and a sense of unity among the troops.

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