India, Bangladesh border officials to hold talks in Dhaka from today

India and Bangladesh will hold the 54th BSF-BGB Director General level border coordination meeting from March 5–9, during which they will address a wide range of border management issues. Major General Mohammad Ashrafuzzaman Siddiqui of Border Guard Bangladesh will lead the team from Bangladesh, while Nitin Agrawal, Director General of the Border Security Force, is leading the group from India.

As per the BSF, the conference’s main objectives are to tackle many facets of border management, such as preventing border crimes, improving border infrastructure, and working together to execute the coordinated border management plan (CBMP). Talks will also cover agreements between the two countries on water sharing and river bank preservation projects. The main goals of these discussions are to improve cooperation between the security forces and agencies of both nations and to successfully combat cross-border crimes.

The previous BSF-BGB conference was held during June 11–June 14, 2023, at BSF Camp Chhawala in Delhi. Given the various obstacles the Border Security Force encounters in policing the India-Bangladesh border, this meeting is extremely important. The Border Security Force, one of India’s five Central Armed Police Forces (CAPF), is responsible for guarding the country’s fourth-longest land border in the world, spanning 4,096 kilometers between Bangladesh and India. Parts of Assam, Tripura, Mizoram, Meghalaya, and West Bengal are included in this.


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