India, Malaysia commence joint military exercise in Meghalaya to boost operational collaboration

In an effort to strengthen operational cooperation between the two nations, the armed forces of India and Malaysia embarked on a two-week-long military exercise in Umroi, Meghalaya. This collaborative endeavor, named Exercise Harimau Shakti, involves troops from the fifth royal battalion of the Malaysian Army and personnel from the Rajput Regiment of the Indian Army.

According to reports, during the exercise, the participating troops will engage in a variety of activities, including casualty management and evacuation drills. Additionally, logistics management and survival training at the battalion level will be a key focus of the joint effort. The primary objective of Exercise Harimau Shakti is to elevate the level of defense cooperation between the Indian Army and the Malaysian Army, further nurturing bilateral relations between the two nations, as stated by the Indian Army.

The previous edition of this exercise took place in the Pulai area of Kluang, Malaysia, in November 2022. The current exercise seeks to enhance military capabilities for the execution of multi-domain operations within a sub-conventional context, according to the Indian Army.

According to a report from ANI, “Exercise Harimau Shakti,” slated to continue until November 5, 2023, is set to involve approximately 120 personnel from both participating sides. The exercise’s primary objective is to bolster military capabilities for the execution of Multi Domain Operations in a sub-conventional setting.

Throughout the exercise, both contingents will establish a Joint Command Post and implement an integrated surveillance grid in conjunction with a Joint Surveillance Centre. Joint forces’ deployment in jungle, semi-urban, and urban environments will be rehearsed, including exercises for intelligence collection, collation, and dissemination.

Furthermore, the exercise will feature the use of Drones/UAVs and Helicopters, with both sides practicing casualty management and evacuation procedures. Logistics management and survival training will be discussed at the Battalion level. The training program will prioritize a high level of physical fitness, tactical-level drill execution, and the exchange of best practices among the participants.

The culmination of the exercise will involve a 48-hour validation exercise in a semi-urban area. “Exercise Harimau Shakti” serves the overarching goal of elevating defense cooperation between the Indian Army and the Malaysian Army, fostering enhanced bilateral relations between the two nations, as highlighted in the release.

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