India prioritizes security with Indo-Myanmar border fence decision, says Jaishankar

External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar emphasised the government’s commitment to national security as the primary reason behind the decision to fence the Indo-Myanmar border and terminate the Free Movement Regime (FMR).

Speaking to reporters in Aizawl after unveiling the BJP manifesto, Jaishankar noted the influx of refugees from Myanmar into northeastern states, particularly Mizoram, following the military coup in February 2021. Stressing the need for precautions amidst regional instability, Jaishankar highlighted that the current measures are a response to the ongoing challenges in Myanmar.

He assured sensitivity to cross-border relations, traditions, and customs while underlining the necessity of the proposed border fencing and the elimination of the FMR. The government announced the decision in February as part of its efforts to safeguard national interests and address the prevailing circumstances.

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