India relocates consulate staff from Sittwe to Yangon amid Myanmar’s security concerns

In response to the escalating security threats in Myanmar’s Sittwe region, India has taken decisive action to relocate its consulate staff to Yangon, announced External Affairs Ministry spokesperson Randhir Jaiswal on Friday. This strategic move comes amidst mounting tensions and intense clashes between the military junta and opposition forces across various parts of Myanmar, including Rakhine State.

Jaiswal assured that India remains vigilant, closely monitoring the situation in Myanmar, with the consulate in Mandalay continuing its operations uninterrupted. He further addressed concerns regarding the reported kidnapping of three Indian youths, stating that the Indian embassy is actively engaged in resolving the matter and ensuring the safe return of the individuals involved.

Recent developments in Myanmar highlight the persistent resistance efforts against the military regime, with anti-junta forces making significant gains in key strategic areas. Just last week, resistance forces secured control over military bases and a command center in Myawaddy, underscoring the ongoing instability in the region.

In recent developments, urban resistance forces have intensified their actions against the military junta in Myanmar. On the night of April 6, shock missiles were fired into a junta intelligence headquarters in Mingaladon Township of Yangon, near the airport, while bombs were planted at nearby junta road checkpoints, close to the national bus terminal.

On April 8, an explosion targeted the home of a junta administrator in Maymyo, Mandalay, causing the protective wall to collapse, forcing the administrator to flee. Subsequently, on April 9, the Dark Shadow urban revolutionary group bombed a junta police station in Mingaladon Township of Yangon, injuring three police officers.

The following day, a grenade attack targeted a junta administrator’s car in Aungmyay Thasi Township of Mandalay, accompanied by an explosion at a ward administrative office in Mandalay. Additionally, reports indicate ongoing attacks by junta troops and their associates in Shwe Bo Township, Sagaing Region, and Pauk Township, Magway Region, resulting in the destruction of hundreds of homes in rural farming villages.


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