Indigenous products from Arunachal secure coveted spot on India’s GI products list

Indigenous craftsmanship and natural bounty from Arunachal Pradesh have gained a prestigious accolade as three remarkable items from the state have been officially recognised on the Government of India’s Geographical Identification (GI) products list.

The triumphant trio of Arunachal Pradesh’s GI-listed treasures includes handmade carpets, Wancho woodcraft, and Adi Kekir ginger, all of which reflect the rich cultural heritage and diverse resources of the state.

Chief Minister Pema Khandu shared this momentous news on the platform, X (formerly known as Twitter) stating, “This milestone underscores the remarkable achievements of our distinctive art and craftsmanship, as well as the abundant biodiversity present in our state.”

The handmade carpets of Arunachal Pradesh have gained substantial recognition not only within local and national markets but also on a global scale. These carpets distinguish themselves through their intricate knotting technique and the use of organic dyes that infuse vibrant colors into their designs.

Wancho woodcraft, a captivating form of artistic expression, takes the shape of sculpted human and animal figures. Crafted from Pongmo wood, native to the state’s lush forests, this unique artistry is the pride of the Wancho tribe, also known as Wancho Naga.

Adi Kekir ginger, nurtured by the skilled hands of the Adi tribe, holds a dual distinction for its medicinal properties with a captivating fragrance and thrives primarily in the Lower Dibang Valley, Lohit, East and West Siang, and Changlang districts of the state.

Moreover, Chief Minister Khandu revealed that a dozen more items, originating from Itanagar and Ziro, are poised to join the prestigious GI list by September 15, further amplifying the state’s cultural and ecological contributions on a national platform.

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