Zomi-Kuki-Hmar-Mizo community unites in silent march to honor victims and seek justice

In a display of unity, the Joint Students’ Body of Lamka organised a Silent March-cum-Condolence Program on 24 June, 2023. The event served as a heartfelt tribute to the 108 tribals who lost their lives in the violent clashes that began on May 3, 2023. Additionally, it aimed to demand justice for the victims and address the long-standing exploitation and subjugation faced by the Zomi-Kuki-Hmar-Mizo people under the Manipur State.

The Silent March, organized by the Joint Students’ Body, Lamka, witnessed the active participation of Zomi-Kuki-Hmar-Mizo families, spanning all ages and genders. The event commenced with a Silent March, starting from Lamka District Hospital and progressing through Red Cross road, Tedim Road, ultimately culminating at the ‘Wall of Remembrance’ opposite Tuibong Mini-Secretariat. Following the march, a program was held at the ‘Wall of Remembrance,’ drawing the attendance of leading tribal bodies, civil society organizations (CSOs), and individuals committed to seeking justice.

Clad in black attire, symbolising mourning, all participants formed a human chain along the route by 10:30 am. Village Defense Forces lined the way, honoring the occasion with a gun salute, representing the profound significance of the event and the determination to demand justice.

The Silent March-cum-condolence program garnered immense support and cooperation from the people of Lamka, emphasising the community’s commitment to addressing the grievances and advocating for justice.