Khandu highlights progress in resolving Assam-Arunachal border disputes

Arunachal Pradesh’s Chief Minister, Pema Khandu, provided an update regarding the disputes along the Assam-Arunachal inter-state borders, particularly inhabited by the Bodos, stating that the majority of them have been resolved, with only a few isolated issues remaining.

During an interactive session on Monday, titled ‘Understanding Socio-Cultural Issues of Bodos in Arunachal Pradesh,’ Khandu emphasised that delineating the boundary is just the beginning, highlighting the need for peace and progress on both sides.

He stated, “Residents on either side of the boundary need to collaborate with harmony and fraternity.” Khandu attributed past challenges in fostering cross-border cooperation to the Congress government’s insincerity and intricate approach, accusing them of a detrimental impact on the region through a “step-motherly and irresponsible attitude.”

However, he highlighted the transformations that have taken place since 2014, noting the restoration of peace and rapid development.

Identifying corruption as a significant hindrance to development and peace, Khandu held the preceding Congress regime responsible, asserting that the eradication of corruption is a priority for the current government. He stated, “Our current government, driven by political determination, is eradicating corruption across all governance sectors.”

While acknowledgeding the enduring relationship between the Bodos and Arunachalees, recognising the contributions of Bodofa Upendranath Brahma to Bodo self-determination and autonomy, he also praised Pramod Boro, Chief Executive Member of Bodoland Territorial Region (BTR), for promoting peace and development since the NDA’s involvement in Bodoland in December 2020.

Expressing support for cross-border cultural exchanges, Khandu assured plans to establish a cultural stall at a proposed complex by the BTR government and a cultural center for the Bodo community in Itanagar.

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