Manipur's chief minister

Kuki Inpi Manipur challenges Manipur Chief Minister’s peace claims

The Kuki Inpi Manipur (KIM) has strongly disputed the Manipur Chief Minister’s recent claim of reaching out to the “Kuki brothers and sisters” for peace. According to KIM, N. Biren Singh deliberately misled the public, including the Kuki Zo people, with his deceptive fabrications in response to his interview with a news agency, where he mentioned his peace initiative regarding the ongoing violence in Manipur.

KIM clarified that it was not involved in any peace negotiations with the chief minister. In a press release, KIM challenged Singh to provide the names of the individuals he claimed to have reached out to. The organisation emphasised its commitment to standing with its people and stated that it would not engage in peace talks until justice was delivered to the Kuki community, which has faced immense suffering under the current regime.

Additionally, they firmly asserted that it would not fall victim to manipulative agendas propagated by the chief minister or anyone else. They urged Singh to refrain from spreading fabricated narratives, lies, and misinformation with the sole intention of gaining favor among the Meitei public.

“Any Kuki individuals/organisations brokering peace without the knowledge and against the wishes of the Kuki people and KIM will face the consequences on their own,” said KIM.

The Kuki apex body also cautioned all concerned individuals to remain vigilant against propaganda and covert schemes orchestrated by their adversaries. Strongly condemning the ongoing attacks on their people in peripheral areas and foothills, KIM revealed that extremist militants, with the assistance of state forces, beheaded a villager from Langja village and displayed the body on the street during an assault on Langza Kuki village in Samulamlan Sub-Division of Churachandpur district on Sunday. Noting that Langza is within a buffer zone, KIM also drew the attention of the Central Government to the disregard shown for such designated buffer zones established by the central security forces.

In response to Biren’s statement, the Indigenous Tribal Leaders Forum (ITLF) clarified that they had no knowledge of any communication between the chief minister and Kuki Civil Society Organization groups. ITLF reiterated its position of refusing to engage in dialogue with the state government due to its anti-tribal policies and propaganda that contributed to ethnic violence in Manipur. Regarding the United People’s Front and Kuki National Organization’s announcement of lifting the blockade at Kangui (NH-2), ITLF clarified that they were not consulted and did not endorse the decision.

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