Mizoram Assembly opposes Centre’s move to fence India-Myanmar border 

In a significant development, the Mizoram Assembly, in its session on Wednesday, passed a resolution denouncing the decision of the Central government regarding the fencing of the India-Myanmar border and the termination of the Free Movement Regime (FMR) with Myanmar. The resolution, spearheaded by Home Minister K Sapdanga, called upon the Centre to reconsider its stance on the matter.

Highlighting the historical and cultural significance of the Zo ethnic people, Minister Sapdanga emphasised their longstanding desire for reunification under a single administrative unit. He underscored the adverse impact of the border demarcation imposed during the British colonial era, lamenting the division of the Zo ethnic territory between India and Myanmar.

Expressing strong opposition to the proposed measures, Sapdanga argued that they would exacerbate the challenges faced by the Zo ethnic community. He criticized the rationale behind the decisions, alleging that they primarily catered to the demands of certain state governments without due consideration for the sentiments and welfare of affected populations.

The Minister contended that national security concerns should not justify actions that disrupt the lives of people residing along international borders. He called for a comprehensive approach, urging the Centre to assess the broader implications of its policies on border management and regional cooperation.

The resolution received unanimous support from the Mizoram Assembly after extensive deliberations. Chief Minister Lalduhoma and Leader of the Opposition Lalchhandama Ralte were among those present during the session.

The move comes amidst growing opposition from various quarters, including civil society organizations and student bodies in Mizoram, who have vehemently opposed the Centre’s plans to fence the border and revoke the FMR. Mizoram, along with Manipur, Nagaland, and Arunachal Pradesh, shares a 1,643-km-long border with Myanmar, with the Mizos sharing ethnic ties with the Chin people residing across the border in Myanmar’s Chin state.

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