Arunachal gears up for border road connectivity with Rs 625.61 cr funding

New bridge project near Indo-China border eases lives of border villagers in Arunachal

The Indian Army working in tandem with the Border Roads Organisation (BRO), has undertaken a significant infrastructure initiative by erecting a 120-ft long bridge in the remote Anjaw district of Arunachal Pradesh.

The spotlight of this project falls on the Chaglohagam circle within the Anjaw district – an area characterized by its remoteness and its adjacency to the border. The region’s existing connectivity hinges solely on a solitary 57-km-long arterial road emanating from Hayuliang. However, this road is prone to disruption due to seasonal nullahs and landslides, particularly at the ‘Tha Nala’ close to Mithumna.

This development, situated in close proximity to the Indo-China border, marks a vital step towards enhancing connectivity and accessibility in the region.

The inauguration of the bridge took place on Thursday near Mithumna, with the presence of not only officials from the Indian Army and BRO but also members of the local Mishmi community, underscoring the communal importance of the infrastructure.

To address the vulnerability and augment the overall infrastructure in the region, the necessary approvals were secured for the construction of the bridge at Tha Nala. This watercourse is notably susceptible to overflowing during torrential rains, a phenomenon that has regrettably led to the loss of lives among the local populace in the past.

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