Shah offers Manipur discussion amidst opposition’s no-confidence motion focus

As the Monsoon Session unfolds, the intersection of the Manipur issue and the no-confidence motion takes center stage as on Monday, Union Home Minister Amit Shah announced the government’s readiness to engage in a discussion concerning the Manipur issue on August 11.

Shah asserted that it was the Opposition evading the discussion, positioning himself to address the matter head-on. The slated date, August 11, coincides with the culmination of the Monsoon Session, intensifying the urgency of the dialogue.

The Monsoon Session’s prominence was further heightened by the no-confidence motion proposed by Congress MP Gaurav Gogoi. The motion seeks to compel Prime Minister Narendra Modi to address the contentious Manipur issue, sparking robust deliberations. The Lok Sabha is scheduled to deliberate on the motion from August 8 to 10, underscoring the legislative agenda.

Shah communicated that he had formally communicated his willingness to engage in a debate on the Manipur matter to the House chairman. In his statement, Shah emphatically stated, “I am ready to discuss Manipur on August 11, and we have nothing to hide. You have many things to hide, so you all do not want to talk.” Furthermore, he reaffirmed his commitment to address all inquiries posed by fellow members, affirming its alignment with his constitutional obligations.

Responding to a member of the Opposition who called for an immediate Manipur discussion, Shah clarified that due to the concurrent focus on the no-confidence motion, dialogue on Manipur wasn’t feasible from August 8 to 10. He underscored his prior attempt to initiate a debate on the Manipur situation before the Monsoon Session commenced, accusing the Opposition of avoiding the subject.

The Opposition has persistently called for comprehensive discussions on the Manipur issue across both Houses of Parliament and has also demanded a statement from Prime Minister Modi. Shah extended an olive branch, stating, “If Kharge Sahab (leader of the opposition) agrees for a discussion, I am ready for that.”

Congress Leader Jairam Ramesh slams Shah’s response to Manipur video controversy

Congress leader Jairam Ramesh expressed strong criticism on Wednesday, deeming Home Minister Amit Shah’s remarks regarding the timing of the release of a video depicting two women being paraded naked in Manipur as “shameful.” According to reports, Ramesh further accused Shah of attempting to shift the blame by suggesting that intelligence agencies were unaware of the video’s existence.

Ramesh’s critique highlighted his belief that Shah’s response amounted to an acknowledgment of his own inadequacy in handling the situation. The video, which captured a distressing incident from May 4, came to light on July 19, just one day prior to the commencement of the Monsoon session in Parliament.

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