Matrilineal Garo Tribe in Meghalaya, where sons leave home post-puberty, residing in bachelor dorms before joining their wives' households, adding a unique familial dynamic.

Sumi Tribe, once headhunters, now celebrate unity in Zunheboto and Dimapur. Embracing Christianity while preserving animism, their festivals Tuluni and Ahuna reflect a distinctive cultural heritage.

Kuki Tribe, Northeast

The Kuki Tribe in the Northeast, known for their vibrant attire, tightly-knit villages, and unique adornments. Men wear sangkhol and pheichawm, while women showcase colorful earrings, bracelets, and necklaces.

In the Khasi and Jaintia hills, the matriarchal Khasi Tribe empowers women in decision-making, shaping Meghalaya's cultural fabric.

The Deori Tribe, rooted in Sino-Tibetan heritage, once served as temple priests. Preserving their cultural legacy in Assam and Arunachal Pradesh.

The heart of Assam hosts the Bodo Tribe, cultivators of rice, tea, and poultry. Their livelihood includes weaving, silkworm rearing, and traditional rice wine, Zu Mai.

Migrating from Tibet, the Bhutia Tribe thrives in North Sikkim, known for rectangular houses, gold ornaments, and engagement in sheep and yak breeding.

In the Ziro valley, the Apatani Tribe captivates with distinctive nose piercings and ornaments. UNESCO-recognized for innovative wet rice cultivation, their valley is proposed as a Heritage Site.

The Angami Tribe, skilled in woodcraft, cultivates rice and grains in Nagaland and Manipur. Adorned in vibrant shawls and mechala, they embrace a staple diet of pork with bamboo shoots.

The Adi Tribe in Arunachal Pradesh, divided into sub-tribes, showcases unique attire, including men wearing cane, bear, or deer skin helmets. Their distinct village laws reflect a deep connection to ancestral roots.

Explore the enchanting lands of Northeast India, where ancient traditions seamlessly blend with the modern world. The lesser-known tribes paint a picture of resilience, cultural pride, and the timeless spirit that defines Northeast India.