Nagaland, housing 16 unique tribes, witnesses the Hornbill Festival as a unifying effort by the Nagaland State Tourism and Art & Culture Departments.

Head to Naga Heritage Village, Kisama, 12 kms from Kohima, to witness the Festival of Festivals.

From its humble beginnings, the festival has transformed into a global platform, showcasing traditional music, dance, arts, and activities.

In the ongoing revelry, be a part of Nagaland's vibrant spirit as the Hornbill Festival unfolds from the 1st to the 10th of December. Experience the joyous celebration of tribal diversity.

A convergence of all tribes, the Hornbill Festival is a vibrant showcase of cultures, dances, and music, named after the revered Indian hornbill.

Immerse yourself in Nagaland's rich diversity through food, handicrafts, traditional songs, dances, and customs at the Traditional Naga Morungs Exhibition.

Participate in Local Games, witness Traditional Archery and Naga wrestling, explore Flower shows, Beauty Contests, Fashion shows – the festival offers a myriad of activities.

Hortiscape, a vibrant platform at Kisama, showcases the artistry of flower growers. The festival hosts fierce competitions for stunning flower arrangements, adding a burst of color to the festivities.

In the chilly Kisama weather, a heartwarming scene unfolds – a man adorned in a puchury shawl, and his son sporting an Angami muffler, reflecting the unique and diverse traditional attire.

Witness and relish the meticulous process of making sticky rice, a culinary tradition passed down through generations.

Delve into the roots of Nagaland's agricultural heritage with the rice husking competition at Kisama during the Hornbill Festival.

As the Hornbill Festival concludes, its rhythmic beats and cultural harmony linger. This celebration, rooted in Nagaland, embodies India's diverse heritage. Until next year, the Hornbill Festival echoes the unity of tradition and modernity.