The lush greenery, meandering water bodies, and diverse flora create a visually stunning landscape enhanced by the flowing Brahmaputra River.

Embark on guided jeep safaris to cover a larger area, offering exceptional opportunities for wildlife viewing and photography.

With over 450 bird species, Kaziranga is a paradise for bird enthusiasts, with migratory species gracing the park during the winter months.

Discover wetland areas supporting migratory and resident bird species, while the grasslands host thrilling wildlife encounters.

Kaziranga's iconic residents, the Indian one-horned rhinoceros, find refuge in this vital conservation area.

Diverse wildlife and rich biodiversity make Kaziranga a UNESCO World Heritage Site, from the grandest creatures to the tiniest beings.

Embark on an ethically conducted elephant safari, getting you up close to the rhinos while contributing to wildlife conservation.

Discover the significant population of Bengal tigers, including the rare white tiger, though spotting one requires a stroke of luck.

Visit Kaziranga for a magical journey supporting conservation and witnessing nature's wonders.