As Asia's green village, Khonoma is famed for its terrace agriculture and dedicated efforts in preserving endangered species.

Explore Khonoma's diverse hills, from gentle slopes to rugged terrain, adorned with lush forests and the endangered Blyth's tragopan.

Despite its small population, Khonoma sets a global example by blending modernization with tradition through eco-friendly practices and sustainable tourism.

Khonoma's deep environmental connection—community-led conservation programs preserving flora, fauna, and culture.

Recognized as Asia's greenest village, Khonoma bans plastic, promotes reforestation, and earns accolades for sustainable initiatives.

Khonoma offers more than scenic beauty—engage in trekking, organic farming, and immerse in local culture through homestays.

Discover Khonoma's rich heritage as residents share local customs, traditions, and history.

Visit Khonoma Nature Conservation and Tragopan Sanctuary—home to endangered species, a testament to global conservation efforts.

As we conclude our journey through Khonoma, India's pioneering green village, let's carry forward the spirit of sustainable living, conservation, and community harmony. Khonoma is not just a destination; it's a call to create a greener future.