Dive into Namdapha's unique landscapes, ranging from 200 to 4571 meters. The park's name, 'Namdapha,' reflects a commitment to forest conservation.

Encounter rare species like Snow Leopards, Clouded Leopards, Tigers, the elusive Red Panda, and the Namdapha flying squirrel.

Visit during the mild winter season (November-February) or explore in October. Monsoons (June-September) bring moderate to heavy rainfall.

Embark on a Safari adventure, be it a traditional one or the unique Elephant Safari for diverse wildlife encounters.

Immerse yourself in birdwatching, spotting the Great Hornbill and Blyth's Kingfisher.

Indulge in dreamlike trekking amidst exotic fauna. Stay at the Forest Rest House or camp under the stars for tranquility.

Namdapha National Park invites you to an immersive adventure, blending wildlife encounters, scenic landscapes, and the serenity of nature.