Uncover Nartiang's royal past through monoliths erected by U Mar Phalyngki and U Luh Lyngskor Lamare between 1500 A.D. and 1835 A.D.

Step into a garden where stones honor old kings. Navigate a path through towering structures, exploring Nartiang's cultural heritage.

Dating back half a millennia, these monoliths pay homage to Jaintia's rich heritage. Uncover tales in colossal stones dedicated to male ancestors.

Embark on a journey to unearth Meghalaya's hidden treasures. Nartiang's monoliths narrate stories of Jaintia Kings, symbolizing historical remembrance.

Nartiang village houses the largest monolith cluster, a stone jungle with towering megaliths, including an eight-meter Menhir.

Experience monoliths amidst markets and playful children, contemplating potential threats to these historical treasures.

Delve into legends around Nartiang's monoliths, believed to be erected by a once mighty population. Explore the tale of a ruler seeking shelter under a giant stone slab.

Discover Nartiang's market shift from Raliang, where a ruler's shelter under a giant stone led to relocation. Witness the historical narrative in Meghalaya's monoliths.