Uncover the musical roots of Shillong intertwined with the cultural heritage of the Khasi and Garo tribes, blending traditional instruments seamlessly into contemporary expressions.

Step into Shillong's own homage to the legendary Woodstock Music Festival at Woodstock Farmhouse, a gathering place for talented musicians echoing the spirit of the iconic event.

Witness the pivotal role of Shillong's close-knit community in nurturing a dynamic music culture. Live events in bars, cafes, and clubs showcase both established and emerging artists.

Immerse yourself in Shillong's music against the backdrop of rolling hills, lush greenery, and a pleasant climate—a dream setting for outdoor concerts and festivals.

Explore Shillong's diverse music scene beyond rock, encompassing genres from country and blues to hip hop and metal. An inclusive attitude fosters experimentation and artistic evolution.

Experience the harmonious blend of tradition and modernity in Shillong's music, where the city's heartbeat resonates with the diverse tunes created by passionate artists and an enthusiastic community.

Conclude your exploration of Shillong, a city where the symphony of diversity and creativity defines its musical identity. Join the rhythm of life in this vibrant cultural hub.