Sikkim, India's least populated state, offers serenity with its low population density of around 658,019 residents in 2023.

Sikkim boasts 84 glaciers, the highest density in India, shaping its unique climate and maintaining ecological equilibrium.

The Singshore Bridge in Pelling also the second highest bridge in Asia offers thrilling panoramas, stretching 198 meters with a depth of 220 meters.

In 2016, Sikkim became India's first state to embrace large-scale organic farming, showcasing a commitment to sustainability.

Home to one of the world's spiciest chilies, "Dalle Khorsani," Sikkim recently earned a Geographical Indication (GI) tag.

As the second-largest cardamom producer globally, Sikkim's lush landscapes fuel the region’s economy.

In 2016, Sikkim was recognized as the "Cleanest State" in India, emphasizing its dedication to cleanliness and sustainability.

Reigning as the world's third-highest peak at 8,586 meters, Mt. Kanchenjunga adds grandeur to Sikkim's landscapes.

Savor the essence of Sikkim — a blend of tranquility, natural wonders, and cultural opulence, promising an unforgettable journey.