Sivasagar, the capital from 1699 to 1788, witnessed the Ahom Kingdom's military prowess and cultural zenith. Amid trade and prosperity, it thrived until the arrival of the British in the 19th century.

Explore Rang Ghar, an 18th-century bamboo and wood amphitheater, hosting cultural events during the Ahom era. A unique architectural gem in the heart of Sivasagar.

Visit Talatal Ghar, an 18th-century three-level palace serving administrative, military, and watchtower purposes. A historical landmark 6 kilometers from Sivasagar.

Marvel at Sivasagar Tank, a 257-acre man-made lake surrounded by ancient temples. A sacred site created by Ahom kings in the 18th century.

Experience Joysagar Tank, the largest man-made lake in India, offering lush greenery, boating, and fishing. A serene picnic spot dating back to the 17th century.

Discover Shivadol, three Ahom temples dedicated to Lord Shiva. Stone structures adorned with intricate carvings, located in the heart of Sivasagar.

Explore the Tai Ahom Museum, showcasing artifacts from the Ahom Kingdom. Located centrally, it provides insights into the rich history and culture.

Venture 30 kilometers to Charaideo, the first capital of the Ahom Kingdom. Explore Charaideo Maidam and Gargaon Palace, witnessing the roots of the Ahom reign.

Marvel at Namdang Stone Bridge, a testament to Ahom engineering over the Namdang River. A fine example of architectural and engineering prowess, located 10 kilometers from Sivasagar.

In the heart of Assam, Sivasagar unfolds the story of the mighty Ahom Kingdom. As you carry a piece of this timeless legacy, remember Sivasagar – where history breathes, and the echoes linger.